Novo número da HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology

A HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology é uma revista de acesso aberto com arbitragem científica, disponível em linha, publicada em inglês pela De Gruyter, em resultado de uma parceria de quatro unidades de investigação portuguesas (CIUHCT, CIDEHUS, Instituto de Ciências Sociais, e Instituto de História Contemporânea).


Ensaio de abertura de Jürgen Renn sobre o entendimento do papel da ciência e da tecnologia na era do Antropocénico à luz de uma História do Conhecimento, "The Evolution of Knowledge: Rethinking Science in the Anthropocene".

Número temático New Insights and Perceptions on Railway History, com introdução pelo editor convidado Hugo Silveira Pereira, dois artigos com investigação primária e dois artigos de revisão crítica bibliográfica, que trazem cruzamentos entre sub-especializações da história (História do Trabalho, História Colonial, Humanidades Digitais e História Empresarial) e a História da Tecnologia:

"Introduction – New Insights and Perceptions on Railway History", Hugo Silveira Pereira

"The Transfer of Railway Technologies and Afro-Asian Labor Processes within the British Empire", Ian J. Kerr

"Colonial Railways and Conflict Resolution Between Portugal and the United Kingdom in Africa (c. 1880–early 1900s)", Hugo Silveira Pereira

"The Transport Revolution on Land and Sea: Farming, Fishing, and Railways in Great Britain, 1840-1914", Robert M. Schwartz

"Railway Towns: a Long-term Global Perspective", Domingo Cuéllar

Três recensões de livros:

"Radiation Brain Moms and Citizen Scientists: The gender politics of food contamination after Fukushima", Mónica Truninger

"For Fun and Profit: A History of the Free and Open Source Software Revolution", Ignasi Meda-Calvet

"Wiring the World: The Social and Cultural Creation of Global Telegraph Networks", Ana Paula Silva


Congresso Mundial de História Ambiental - Florianópolis 2019

The International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations (ICEHO) invites proposals for the 3rd World Congress of Environmental History, to be held in 22-26 July 2019 in Florianópolis, Brasil.

Convergences: The Global South and the Global North in the Era of Great Acceleration Host: The Federal University of Santa Catarina (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, UFSC) The 3rd World Congress of Environmental History invites scholars from different disciplines to situate environmental history in a planetary perspective. The categories “Global South” and “Global North” are historically-charged, created in the 20th century. They point to the diversity and the inequality of past and present human societies, and how they have transformed their landscapes, exploited natural resources, and connected with each other. The challenges posed by these connections and the dynamics of human and non-human communities have gained urgency in what has been called the Era of Great Acceleration. From their historical studies of rivers, cities, mountains, forests and plantations, to world transmigration narratives for plants, animals, diseases, people and commodities, historians and other environmental humanities scholars add to the debate on how to address the environmental challenges of the 21st century. The program committee seeks to further discussions that cross disciplinary or conceptual divides in new ways. We especially invite proposals that span gender, generational, and geographic differences among presenters as well as topics.

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Call for thematic issue (2020) HoST - Journal of History of Science and Technology

HoST- Journal of History of Science and Technology is an open access, on-line peer-reviewed international journal devoted to the History of Science and Technology, published in English by a group of Portuguese research institutions and De Gruyter ( encourages submissions of original historical research exploring the cultural, social and political dimensions of science, technology, and medicine (STM), both from a local and a global perspective. Past thematic issues have dealt with topics as diverse as circulation, communication of science and the relation between science and politics. Future issues might deal with both established and emerging areas of scholarship.

The editors of HoST are looking for proposals for two thematic issues to be published in 2020 (HoST volume 14, issues 1 and 2). Each thematic issue should be prepared by a guest editor and include four research papers.

Proposals should include the following items:

1. An abstract describing the topic for the thematic issue and its significance (500 words);

2. A list of the contributors along with the titles and abstracts (300 words) of the four research papers;

3. Brief CVs (300 words) of the guest editor(s) and authors;

The guest editor(s) and the contributors must be prepared to meet the HoST publication schedule:

- Abstract and titles submission: 30 May, 2018

- Submission of complete research papers: 31 May, 2019 (issue 1); 30 November, 2019 (issue 2)

- Publication: June, 2020 (issue 1); December, 2020 (issue 2)

Proposals will be subject to approval by the Editorial Board and the outcome will be known to the authors by June 2018.

Submissions should be sent as an e-mail attachment (preferably in one single .doc, .docx, .rtf or .odt file), to the editor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information: (for back issues published until 2014, see



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