cfp - Bayscapes: Shaping the Coastal Interface through Time (May 23-25 2016, Trinity College Dublin)

Bayscapes: Shaping the Coastal Interface through Time
Oceans Past Platform Conference
May 23-25 2016, Trinity College Dublin.
 The European Oceans Past Platform is dedicated to marine environmental history and the study of ocean and coastal management through time. The conference will be held in collaboration with the Centre for Environmental Humanities at Trinity College Dublin, and to celebrate Dublin Bay being designated a UNESCO Biosphere. Papers will explore both local and European perspectives and address the following core themes:
- Intervention points and best practice for managing marine heritage;
- Changing inshore ecologies and human impacts;
- Shaping bayscapes through time;
- Coastal and underwater Maritime Cultural Heritage.
Deadline for submission: March 1st 2016.
Papers or interventions of any kind (for 20 minute slots) addressing these or any related questions are welcome. Please submit your 500 word proposal by email to the addresses to Dr Marisa Ronan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by March 1st.
Proposals for alternative presentations/formats are welcome. Please contact the organisers to discuss.


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