Salagon ethnobotany seminar

Vingtième séminaire annuel d’ethnobotanique du domaine européen

“Retour en forêt”

Jeudi 6, vendredi 7 et samedi 8 octobre 2022

A forum for debate and learning

Ever since it first existed, Salagon has been a centre for research and a scientific centre specialising in ethnobotany. Ethnobotany is the area of ethnology concerned with studying relationships between man and plants. For example, an ethnobotanist might study the uses, representations and beliefs linked to plants. In keeping with its scientific vocation, each year Salagon organises an ethnobotany seminar. It brings together researchers, academics, students and members of associations. The participants are not necessarily ethnologists. Work at the seminar feeds on disciplines including history, history of art and literature.

A seminar for both interested amateurs and specialists

The seminar is an opportunity to explore progress in a particular area of ethnobotany, bring little-known work to the fore and open new research avenues. It is a forum for networking, communicating and sharing open to anyone interested in the subject, whether a specialist or not.


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